“A Taste of Heaven & Hell”
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Welcome to Inspirations Fine Catering, Inc.   Planning an event and choosing a caterer should be beautifully simple.  That is why clients prefer Inspirations Fine Catering, Inc. We view food as more than just a job; it’s an obsession  and an art form that deserves as much passion and dedication as a blank script or block of marble. Your event is our  canvas, service is our brush and cuisine our paint. We do whatever we can to translate our fervor for execution into  a masterpiece fit for you and your guests, and we are excited to serve you something you’ll remember for a long  time to come!  Each catering order is carefully setup with exquisite presentation and attention to detail. Our Tampa Bay event  planning services come with the opportunity to receive custom-made menus, floral arrangements, entertainment,  tables, linens and specialty china patterns to compliment your affair exactly how you envision.  When it comes to your event, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. You shouldn’t settle for  anything less than Inspirations Fine Catering, Inc. 
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